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A Story of Nanlimbasog Entrepreneur

A Story of Nanlimbasog Entrepreneur

Ms. Jane Synchangco, a regular member for 8 Years of Panabo Multipurpose Cooperative, was hailed 2nd Place in the recent 2017 Mass-Specc’s Search For Mindanaw Cooperative Micro-Entrepreneur Award (MICMA) – Nanlimbasog Category, held at Garden Orchid Hotel, Zamboanga City on May 26, 2018.

The search aims to showcase entrepreneurial endeavors and members’ stories of best practices and how the cooperatives support their journey to take root, grow and flourish their enterprise.

The Nanlimbasog Award is for micro-entrepreneurs who successfully started a business that is now a reliable source of income for a family with an enterprise asset size below 300,000.

The humble couple, took a chance in the food business in the year 2014 when they started a carenderia , with Mr. Ian Sychnagco as a cook and Mrs. Syngacho as server /cashier through capital from PMPC. Before they started their food ventures, Mr. Sychangco was a mere bank employee for how many years, while Mrs. Sychangco was a plain housewife.

A year after, they ventured into the catering business when PMPC requested them to cook for lunch with a 3,000 budget. It was the start of a new beginning; the rest is history.

Currently, the couple is earning not less than 50,000 a month, while their stall at the Panabo City Food Centrum earns more or less 3,000 per day. They were able to employ 3 full-time employees and 3-12 students as on-call catering waiters/waitresses. They are now able to provide for their family’s needs and even wants while touching other people’s lives through employment and earning opportunities.

Her entrepreneurial endeavors and story of perseverance and dedication are indeed an inspiration to all of us.

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